Business Process Consulting (BPC)

How effective is Customer Support without a way to route cases to available agents? What value does a Finance team bring without accounting procedures?

Can a Customer Success team really be that successful without playbooks for when and how to engage with customers?

Overlooked processes are often revolutionary, or even flat out essential to a team’s usefulness. Our BPO engagements come with business processes that multiply value.

business process outsourcing

Examples of what we help with

Catalyst BPX’s Business Process Consulting capabilities were developed to ensure our customers get maximum value from our BPO offerings. They can also be purchased separately to help you optimize your business.

• Customer triage and escalation processes
• Bug labelling and prioritization
• Voice of the Customer reporting
• Customer Success playbook building
• Customer and employee journey mapping

• Enablement materials and processes
• Lead management and call downs
• Software implementation and configuration
• Data-driven performance management
• Accounting and general Finance processes

Our Advantage

Reading about business processes in books and online can be useful, but it pales in comparison to the knowledge gained working with the best in the world, or from having a chance through extensive trial and error to learn yourself.

Catalyst’s team has done both for decades. We’ll manage some complex processes for you, and share what we’ve learned about the rest to give you a massive head start.

Business Process Consulting (BPC)

Our Other Services

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) icon

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

• Customer Support
• Finance & Accounting
• Data Entry
• Customer Success
• And much more

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Catalyst Employer Services (CES)

• Source Any Role
• HR & Payroll
• IT & Equipment
• Benefits Admin
• Legal Compliance

$250/month per employee
vs. $500+ for less comprehensive solutions from providers like Deel

Business Process Consulting (BPC) icon

Business Performance Management (BPM) Consulting

• Strategy Frameworks
• Goal-setting Systems
• Planning Processes
• Accountability Management
• Decision-making Methods