While leading teams at top tier companies like Stripe and Zendesk, Catalyst BPX’s founders repeatedly saw failed BPO engagements.

Too often the company would abandon the services and go back to building the superior in-house teams they had established in the Philippines.

Eventually it became clear - these BPO’s failures were preventable.

They weren’t hiring right, they weren’t investing in their people, and they weren’t improving their customer’s processes.

With our shared passion for hiring exceptional talent and helping companies operationally thrive, we started to root ourselves in a mission. We wanted to create global access to top talent.

And now we see that mission advancing.

With each customer engagement we’re lowering the cost of great talent, providing opportunities to brilliant workers in undeveloped countries, and sharing the best of our experience managing high performing teams and businesses.

BPO’s don’t have to be about exploiting cheap labor and overcharging for low quality work. They can be about elevating all participants. Our story is one of rectifying industry flaws and fostering positive change.

Our Values

our values

Meet Our Leadership Team

Our team comes from a variety of backgrounds but we all share a common mindset.

We’re passionate about true, consistent excellence, about connecting the best talent in the world to the businesses that need them, and about growth – for our customers and ourselves. Schedule a free consultation to meet us!

Alex Small
Co-founder, Investor

Edna Tabadero

Shierly Sison
Head of Operations

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Working at Catalyst BPX offers an exciting opportunity to join us in shaping the future of business.

We compensate our teams well because we know they are the best. We focus on continuous learning so that we all continue to grow everyday. And we ensure a collaborative environment that let’s us all do our best work.

One of our core values is “Be You”, because if you value integrity and excellence we would love for you to join us and bring your whole self to work. At Catalyst BPX we’re a family who helps both our customers and each other reach new heights.

What others say about us


We worked together to build offshore functions at ClickUp, and were set on creating something head and shoulders above the rest of the market. The Catalyst team didn’t disappoint. They hired teams across half the orgs in the company and the results spoke for themselves. CSAT, SLA’s, and quota attainment were on par with our US teams, above industry standards.

– Shane Noe, VP People


The Catalyst BPX leadership team is amazing! They worked with me at Zendesk on our offshore teams and operations. Their experience with other tech companies was helpful because we didn’t have to explain much about what we needed. They’re also the type of team that will really execute and get work done well, even when you aren’t watching them every day. This was a huge relief for me as a leader, and overall the engagement was a huge improvement from the Accenture deployment we had before. 

– VP Customer Support


As a small business owner it is SO hard to deal with everything yourself. Especially when you don’t have experience in areas like finance and accounting that are essential to keeping your business running. Catalyst BPX built out our entire finance function and ensured we were GAAP and tax compliant. They’ve been incredibly on top of everything for us and I love not having to worry about any of it!

– Len Concepcion, Flora’s Restaurants Founder

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