Business Performance Management (BPM)

Strong Business Performance Management helps organizations improve operational results, ultimately increasing profitability and growth. 

Catalyst BPX’s approach to BPM is a proven system for operational excellence, taking inspiration from the best and most successful businesses. 

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Our frameworks.
Your business's growth and efficiency.

Strategy: Build a system around strategic planning
OKRs: Align planned results to core objectives
Finance: Structure financial plans and processes
Org: Handle organizational transitions smoothly

RAPID: Streamline projects & decision-making
Observability: Measure so that we can manage
Reviews: Hold accountability to goals
Optimizing: Build a cycle of learning & iteration

How we operationalize excellence.

Our operating model integrates best practices from industry leaders like Boeing’s Alan Mulally, insights from Geoffrey Moore’s “Zone To Win,” and innovative approaches from companies like Stripe and Zendesk.

Weekly Reports On Target Metrics

Bi-Weekly Run the Business Review (RTBRs)

Special Attention Meetings (SAMs)

Quarterly Business Review (QBR)

Consistent, concise updates provide a near real-time pulse on operations.

A data-driven meeting focused on fast high level reviews and issue-spotting.

Used for deeply understanding and resolving issues identified during RTBR. Small, relevant teams share and review written docs to deliver rapid insights.

Quarterly review of performance, successes, challenges, and where more support is needed to achieve company OKRs.

Why working with us works.

At Catalyst BPX, we’re not consultants. 

With long careers as executives inside some of the best businesses across E-commerce, technology, and BPOs, we’ve had the opportunity to implement sweeping business changes from the inside and live with them – seeing what really improves business outcomes.

As your operational partner we’ll help ensure we’re bringing out the best in the top 1% talent we provide.

Business Performance Management (BPM) Consulting

Our Other Services

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Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

• Customer Support
• Finance & Accounting
• Data Entry
• Customer Success
• And much more

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Catalyst Employer Services (CES)

• Source Any Role
• HR & Payroll
• IT & Equipment
• Benefits Admin
• Legal Compliance

$250/month per employee
vs. $500+ for less comprehensive solutions from providers like Deel

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Business Process Consulting (BPC)

• Triage & Escalations
• Ticket Routing
• Account Reconciliations
• List Building
• Cross-functional Processes